Joanna Colovas

Undergraduate Researcher since 2019

Research areas

  • Intestinal Microbiome
  • _Clostridium difficile_


  • BS: Michigan State University (2022)
Joanna Colovas


I am in the process of completing my studies as a Microbiology major with a minor in Global Public Health and Epidemiology at Michigan State University. Currently, I work with Sarah Tomkovich to explore how stresses on the gut microbiome affect colonization of Clostridium difficile. During the school year, I am part of the ShadeLab at MSU where I study the heritability of microbial communities using seeds.

Papers from time in Schloss lab

  1. Tomkovich S, Taylor A, King J, Colovas J, Bishop L, McBride K, Royzenblat S, Lesniak NA, Bergin IL, Schloss PD. 2021. An osmotic laxative renders mice susceptible to prolonged Clostridioides difficile colonization and hinders clearance. mSphere. 6: e00629-21. DOI: 10.1128/mSphere.00629-21.