mikropml 1.2.0 2021-11-10

  • New parameter cross_val added to run_ml() allows users to define their own custom cross-validation scheme (#278, @kelly-sovacool).
    • Also added a new parameter calculate_performance, which controls whether performance metrics are calculated (default: TRUE). Users may wish to skip performance calculations when training models with no cross-validation.
  • New parameter group_partitions added to run_ml() allows users to control which groups should go to which partition of the train/test split (#281, @kelly-sovacool).
  • Modified the training_frac parameter in run_ml() (#281, @kelly-sovacool).
    • By default, training_frac is a fraction between 0 and 1 that specifies how much of the dataset should be used in the training fraction of the train/test split.
    • Users can instead give training_frac a vector of indices that correspond to which rows of the dataset should go in the training fraction of the train/test split. This gives users direct control over exactly which observations are in the training fraction if desired.

mikropml 1.1.1 2021-09-14

mikropml 1.1.0 2021-08-10

mikropml 1.0.0 2021-05-13

mikropml 0.0.2 2020-12-03

  • Fixed a test failure on Solaris.
  • Fixed multiple test failures with R 3.6.2 due to stringsAsFactors behavior.
  • Made minor documentation improvements.
  • Moved rpart from Suggests to Imports for consistency with other packages used during model training.

mikropml 0.0.1 2020-11-23

This is the first release version of mikropml! 🎉